What makes us special

AdoRx Therapeutics is pursuing the discovery of new therapeutics for cancer based on modulation of the adenosine pathway. High levels of adenosine in the tumour microenvironment enable cancer cells to evade the immune system. AdoRx’s lead programs are focused on the design of “fit for purpose” adenosine receptor antagonists that will overcome the effects of high adenosine levels.

AdoRx Therapeutics is a UK-based drug discovery company and backed by investment from Epidarex Capital and the CRT Pioneer Fund managed by Sixth Element Capital.



Meet the team

The AdoRx leadership team have discovered in excess of 25 clinical candidates and have greater than 60 years combined experience of drug discovery in biotech and pharma.

Partnering with us

AdoRx is actively seeking strategic partnerships with companies that are active in the field of cancer therapy.

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